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Verena’s Design Studio


Holistic website design
– with love and expertise

“Our websites represent us and our work, they reflect our ideals and what we stand for – as brands, entrepreneurs or organizations. A clear structure, a design that truely represents our ideas, and a user experience that invites people in, makes it possible to start a conversation and to establish a relationship. To make that happen for my clients is a wonderful experience.”

Hi, I’m Verena – I build and design beautiful & responsive websites, create bespoke brand identities and develope strategies to bring your idea into the shape for success in these challenging times.

I don’t just work as a designer, I’m also a cultural anthropologist. To understand different realities and to convey them is my vocation, to translate them into great designs is my passion. I do this under the premise of sustainability, accessibility and openness.

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So that your work reaches the people, who need it.

To understand different realities and to convey them is my vocation, to translate them into beautiful designs is my passion.

After completing my studies in Cultural Anthropology, Politics and Russian and working in different NGOs, I founded my own company as a web and media designer to combine my love for design and programming with my wish to support projects that can change the world. My special set of skills lets me translate your offline work into an enticing online appearance. Unity, Sustainability, Open Access and Creativy build the foundation for everything I do.

In 2020 I was awarded a Website Design Specialist of the Year award.

Prosanova 2020
Literature Festival

Mobile Opferberatung
Counceling & Archive

Judith Kunde
Psychological Psychotherapist

portrait photo von mirjam wittig“Working with Verena was one of the best things that could have happend to us in our situation: We had no experience in translating a real life festival situation into an online festival, but Verena was able to see us through in an uncomplicated manner. With a calm, patient and absolutely accurate and concentrated way of working, she built us a website which we see with pride and great pleasure.”

Elske Beckmann, Prosanova 2020
(Photo: Salma Jaber)

Visual Communication

Developing a visual language for our companies or products is not an easy job, but it can be a joyful one! Visual Communication includes everything from logo design to color schemes, fonts or which kind of pictures to choose for your website or Social Media.
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Web Design

Your individual website. An online experience to present your idea, sell your products and bring joy to people.
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Print Design

Logo, Brochures, flyers, letterheads to match your website design? Packaging desing? Sustainable? I got you.
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Web Design Courses

Every year I take on a limited number of people who would like to learn how to build their website themselves. Special offer until December 2020.
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Online Strategy Courses

Starting in 2021 I will take on a limited number of people who would like to learn how to structure their websites and their work better.
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I work visually. I speak and write. I feel, think, ask (myself and others) and explore. I enjoy creating spaces where we can do all or some of these things collectively.

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