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Verena's Design Studio

I’m a web and media designer, with an MA in Anthropology and Political Sciences and have worked in social organizations for many years.

I see web design as a tool to empower people, businesses and organizations.

I would love to support you and your work by offering my services and sharing my experience and knowledge so that you can contribute to shaping the online world with confidence.

+ webdesign

+ print design

+ corporate design

+ logo design

+ illustration



I love drawing and creating. And packing packages that will bring joy to the receiver.

The proceeds from the shop will be used for something very special. I will let you know what that is exactly in a little while.

For now just this much:
You are warmly invited!


Thoughts, projects, photos.

Topics that move me: feminism, queer activism, anti-racism work, respecting and protecting our earth and all beings, mindfulness, living in a global community, personal growth, art and design.