Verena’s Design Studio builds bespoke responsive websites, optimized for search engines, accessibility and sustainability. We design online presences that create positive change.

What impact would YOU like to make?

We use renewable energy, recycle and develop sustainable marketing strategies –

because it’s our future.

Sometimes options and possibilities seem endless and it can be difficult to stay on track with your goals.

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Are you looking for a website that looks stunning, is easy to navigate, represents your values, communicates your message, and is sustainable at the same time?

At Verena’s Design Studio we don’t have everything figured out yet – but we can give you exactly that and a bit more.

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If you think we’re the best fit to make your online presence the best you can have we start to develop a strategy together.


You have a corporate design/ website/ online marketing strategy that is sustainable, beautiful and increases your impact.

Do you believe people, the environment, we all could profit from your ideas?

Let’s make sure we hear them.

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portrait photo von mirjam wittig“I found Verena to be very pleasant and competent in working with us – with her great work she didn’t only make it possible to facilitate a whole festival online, but a beatiful one too!”

Mirjam Wittig, Prosanova 2020
(Photo: Salma Jaber)

portrait photo von mirjam wittig“Working with Verena was one of the best things that could have happend to us in our situation: We had no experience in translating a real life festival situation into an online festival, but Verena was able to see us through in an uncomplicated manner. With a calm, patient and absolutely accurate and concentrated way of working, she built us a website which we see with pride and great pleasure.”

Elske Beckmann, Prosanova 2020
(Photo: Salma Jaber)

portrait photo von mirjam wittig“Verena works with creativity, carefully and reliably. She implemented our ideas brilliantly.”

Kerstin Meyer, DeutschPlus
(Photo: Nils Bornemann)