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DO YOU NEED SOME HELP WITH YOUR WEBSITE? This is for you, if you already have a website, but got stuck somewhere.

1-2-1 Problem Solving means that I’m personally coaching you through your problems. Whatever it is – we will find a solution. Your website got hacked? Your website is not responsive yet? You want to add some pages, change the layout, install a new plugin? While I will gladly do all of these things for you, if you don’t want to deal with them – I can also show you how to do it yourself, so that you will also know for next time. It saves time and energy when you don’t have to figure everything out yourself.

Get some help from a specialist, so that your problems get solved and you can get back to doing what you like best.


1 Hour € 70,-
5 Hours € 320,-
10 Hours € 600,-

70,00 600,00 


I help you solve the problems you encounter with your website.


This is how it works

Book a free consultation or email me and tell me what’s wrong. This way I can tell you how quickly we’ll be able to resolve the problem and how to best proceed.

The design of your website doesn’t quite look the way you’d want?

You would like to ad a shop to your webseite but don’t know how or would like some support?

Would you like to optimize your website?

Your contact form isn’t working?

Your provider is asking you to update your php , but you don’t know how?

No matter what problem you encountered – we will find a solution! 


Book an appointment with me, and we can get started!

You decide…

Time and duration. My clients often enjoy learning new things and fixing things on their own, but they’re busy as well – if we agreed to have a couple of sessions together, it’s up to you whether we meet once a week, or more frequently (given my availability) or spread our meetings over a longer period of time.

If you prefer not to fix things yourself – just tell me what’s wrong, and I can also fix things for you.

In my experience

Many problems can easily be solved with a short instruction – I work on wordpress sites on a dayly basis and am able to provide qwuick help.

To find the solutions yourself can often take days or weeks or will just be put off.

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I’m happy to help!


You have a website and experience some problems that you would like to solve, but are not really sure how to proceed.

Your website runs with WordPress. (I might also be able to help with other platforms, depending on the problem. Just ask me.)

something doesn't work (anymore)
you would like to add new elements
support with updates/backups/moving
change of layout
problems with responsiveness

Quick help

Book a free appointment – we work out an action plan – and start!

no fear

Even if you’ve not changed anything major on your website before – I show you everything you need to know – no prior knowledge necessary.

Practical Solutions

I’m always looking for the quickest and best possible way – sometimes you have an idea in mind but can’t get there directly. But there’s always a way to achieve what you want! The way might simply look different from what you imagined.

“Verena is a truly creative mind and knows how to support inexperienced people with perseverance and know-how on their way to building their own first website. She finds a solution for every problem and offers quick help. Thanks!” – Alma Klemm, Harpist

some things about me

When I was nine or ten I got my first computer and had to use code in order to start it. With 20 I took my first HTML class at University where I learned to program websites with code.

Since that time I’ve been building websites. At some point I switched to WordPress, to make it easier for my clients to change and add content themselves. In between I tried different operating systems, but found that they didn’t work as reliably and universally as WordPress does.

The design aspect of my work brings me as much as joy as helping my clients with user-friendly websites that makes their work easier and helps them to reach a wider audience and getting more clients.

For two years I lived and worked in Roma-Communities in Ukraine and stull have many friends there. I’ve also worked for a Roma Organistion in Berlin for a year.

I finally moved to the countryside this May.

I’m always grateful to be able to help new clients achieve their goals. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to learn about your work and how I can support you too to achieve your goals!


To get help when one needs it shows your strength. Not everyone needs to know everything about web design and be able to implement everything themselves – but you can always learn.

Problems often can be resolved quickly – with the right help. You save time and spare yourself from frustration and can go back to concentrating on the things that matter most to you.

  • problems solved – 100%
  • satisfied customers – 100%
  • time customers save – 90%

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