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Psychotherapie Kunde

Judith Kunde is a therapist specialized in working with firefighters, the police and the military. She wanted a calm website and a corporate design, including logo, letter head and a note pad for practice appointments.


Brochure Solidarität Macht Stark

GLADT is an organization of black and PoC lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*, Inter* and queers in Berlin. We are involved on different levels against racism, sexism, trans*- and homophobia, ableism, and other forms of discrimination.


Mobile Opferberatung

Mobile Opferberatung is an organisation working with victims of right-wing extremistic violonce. They are also documenting racist and other right-wing extremestic violence related incidences and publish a bi-yearly newsletter.


Website Cairo52

Cairo 52 is a research institute, that aims to restore the balance to the scale of justice by reproducing simplified legal materials and connecting those materials to the concept of basic human rights, as it was stated in national and international laws and as it is protected in the Egyptian constitution.


Prosanova Festival

The Prosanova festival takes place every three years in Hildesheim. Due to corona this was the first year it had to take place online. I did the layout for the website and timetables, the logo and background had already existed before.


Jung & Alt e.V.

This organization is working for intergenerational exchange and was in need of a new website. Something simple and easy to navigate for their clients.

Verenas Design Studio erstellt individuelle und responsive Webseiten, optimiert für Suchmaschinen, Barrierefreiheit und Nachhaltigkeit. Wir designen Internet-Auftritte, die positive Veränderungen vorantreiben.

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