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Faire Ferien

TSS Urlaub is a travel agency based in Hamburg, specializing in bespoke holiday offers, environmentally friendly travel and family-friendly holidays.

For an advertising campaign, they needed a flyer design that reflected their values and encouraged environmentally friendly travel.


Faces of Pride

For Pride 2019, Transnational Queer Underground interviewed Pride organizers from places like Slovenia to Jamaica. In addition to the publishing the interviews online, a magazine was created which brings all the interviews in a different format.

So much hope, joy and courage in one magazine!

Faces of Pride is still available for download as a PDF. Have you read it already?


Gedenkort Burak Bektas

The website Memorial for Burak Bektas, just like the Memorial itself, is intended to commemorate Burak Bektas and his involuntary death.

At the time of the website creation, the intention was to collect donations for the construction of the physical memorial site. With the help of the website, the necessary funds could be obtained quickly, and you can now find the memorial site in Berlin, Neukölln, near the place where he was shot.


Tihana Romanic

Tihana Romanic is a storyteller based in Berlin. She is also an experienced communications specialist, public speaking trainer, language learning motivator and workshop host.

The website was intended to present her diverse abilities in a simple and artistic way.


Systemische BeraterInnen

The systemic counsellors are six women from Berlin and Dresden who work together in systemic counselling with different specializations.

With the website they introduce themselves and their work in order to increase their reach.


Arztpraxis Delmenhorst

Brigitte Unger is a general practitioner in Delmenhorst. Her practice and her services are presented on her website.

Supported by great photos from her practice, the website allows for an insight into her practice, and makes it easy for new patients to get in touch with her.


Kiko Berlin

KiKo Berlin is a childcare collective. They needed a website to attract attention, present their program and collect donations.

This website is also a Soli-Website. Whenever we have enough capacity, we support great projects and groups with websites for free or for a reduced price. Interested? Get in touch!

Kiko Berlin



Surambiente is an artist agency based in Hamburg. The website has the purpose of finding new customers and introduce the artists represented by the agency.

Because many of the artists are booked for cruise ships or company parties, the website should also give an idea of a glamorous night.

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