Exhibition: Batumi Photo Days – MirrorLand

Jahr: 2019
Auftraggeber_in: Leopardskin & Limes
Ort: Batumi, Georgien + Korea

The ArtGora Forum and all the inspiring people I met there had quite an impact on me this year. We stay in touch through email and WhatsApp and one of the participants posted a call for submissions for the Batumi Photo Days – MirrorLand.

Having worked on trees and mirrored images a bit over the summer I felt drawn to apply and also got accepted. My pictures have been up on the walls of a street in Batumi, Georgia last month and will now travel for another exhibition to Korea.

Very exciting 🙂

The theme of the Batumi Photo Days is the MirrorLand, a concept that addresses the fake realities, created by the recent political situations, the transformed reflections that are presented by different private stories, countries examples, with the support of various media sources that in result develop wrong values and expectations.

Double standards that our society share with the false structures, lost and messed
up meanings and values come across with the traditions and established rules.
No time to stop no time to analyze.

The exhibition envisages to bring personal experience of the artists from around the globe, to reflect the issues in their countries, through their practices, things, and topics they want to bring up, in relevance to the main concept of the PhotoDays, such as injustice and fake reality, people are forced to live in, or any other significant stories that will make us stop and think of why we are here what can we do with our life, how can we contribute the world to make if a better place.

Each small drop, a small seed can change something, each small story can reach someone, and find a reflection in their hearts. It’s a matter of choice whenever we wanna live in reflection or reality.

The main show MirrorLand took place in an outdoor space in Batumi, Z. Gamsakhurdia 29, from August 30th until September 15th, 2019.

And as things go, one day during the exhibition I received a message from a German person I had been in contact with more than ten years ago about working in Ukraine, who went to Batumi for a short trip and recognized my name in the exhibition. 🙂

So, I’m happy my pictures were a part of this, amongst so many other wonderful photographers. Please download the catalogue below to see who else was in the exhibition and I will post more about the upcoming exhibition in Korea once I know the details.

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