Flyer for Faire Ferien

TSS Urlaub is a travel agency based in Hamburg, specializing in bespoke holiday offers, environmentally friendly travel and family-friendly holidays.

For an advertising campaign, they needed a flyer design that reflected their values and encouraged environmentally friendly travel.

Year: 2019
Commissioned by: TSS Urlaubs-Service
Project: Layout/Grafik

About TSS Urlaubs-Service

Den TSS Urlaubs-Service gibt es seit 1986 mit Angeboten für Individualisten, die gern abseits des Tourismus und nicht in Bettenburgen ihren Urlaub verbringen möchten.

Das Angebot wurde im Laufe der Jahre über Mallorca – unser größtes Potential – ausgeweitet auf alle spanischen Inseln, Griechenland und dem ganzen Mittelmeerraum! Ferienwohnungen, Landhäuser und Bungalows meist von privat direkt an den Urlauber von TSS vermittelt.

Ständiger Kontakt mit den Besitzern und Kunden im Wechsel brachte zunehmend ein breites Spektrum von Unterkünften der mittleren Preisklasse hervor. Schon immer sozial denkend, erarbeiten wir Jahr um Jahr ein gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis mit unseren Besitzern, welches besonders Familien mit Kindern bedenkt. Alle Hausbeschreibungen und Fotos sind im Internet in aller Ruhe anzusehen und somit sparen wir – zugunsten der Mietpreise und der Umwelt – das Drucken aufwendiger Kataloge. Anschaulicher als Farbfotos und Hausinfos in großer Anzahl im Internet durchzublättern, ist ein Katalog nicht herzustellen. Wenn Sie nicht das große Angebot ganz durchklicken möchten, nennen Sie uns gern Ihre Urlaubswünsche und wir empfehlen Ihnen konkret freie Domizile bzw. Reisen.

Latest works


LAGM*A NRW is an umbrella organization for social work focused on working with girls*.

The former website wasn’t responsive and didn’t use a CMS. One of the main wishes was to be able to update the content themselves. Verena’s Design Studio created the website with WordPress and helped restructure the content, so that they now have a beautiful and responsive new website.

Robin Wood

For a campaign that aims to create a shift to renewable energies in a way that is also sustainable Robin Wood needed a set of stickers to print and send to their supporters with a newsletter and to use for their campaign work online.

Verena’s Design Studio made the layout for print and two different formats to use online.

Cairo 52

Cairo 52 is a research institute working for LGBT rights in Cairo.

When I have the capacities, I make websites for great causes like this for free.

If you’re interested in a soli-website or know someone who might be, get in touch!

Psychotherapie Kunde

Judith Kunde is a therapist specialized in working with fire brigade, the police and the military.

For her practice Verena’s Design Studio created the corporate design, including a logo and the website, as well as templates for a letterhead and a notepad for appointments.

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Web Design For Change Course

Verena’s Design Studio builds bespoke responsive websites, optimized for search engines, accessibility and sustainability. We design online presences that create positive change.

“I believe that if you’re working to make this world a better place, you should have the best website and the best marketing tools available to deliver your message.” Verena Spilker, founder

“Verena works with creativity, carefully and reliably. She implemented our ideas brilliantly.”
Kerstin Meyer


“Working with Verena was one of the best things that could have happened to us in our situation: We had no experience in translating a real life festival situation into an online festival, but Verena was able to see us through in an uncomplicated manner. With a calm, patient and absolutely accurate and concentrated way of working, she built us a website which we see with pride and great pleasure.”
Elske Beckmann

Prosanova 2020

“I found Verena to be very pleasant and competent in working with us – with her great work she didn’t only make it possible to facilitate a whole festival online, but a beautiful one too!”

Mirjam Wittig

Prosanova 2020

“Before contacting Verena’s Design Studio, I didn’t have a website and didn’t really get on with it myself. I chose Verena’s Design Studio because of their political orientation and community connection. I found the cooperation very helpful and am now very happy to have a new website and to get positive feedback for the website as well. I can gladly recommend Verena’s Design Studio!”
Nino Mar Seliz


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