Brochures Impulse zu Vielfalt

Between 2018 and 2020, DeutschPlus, an organization based in Berlin, published a series of brochures with the title “Impulses for Diversity”.

Verena’s Design Studio has laid out the individual issues and special issues as well as the final complete publication.

Year: 2018/2019
Commissioned by: DeutschPlus
Project: Layout

About Impulse Zu Vielfalt

Die »Impulse zu Vielfalt« aus Praxis und Wissenschaft beschäftigen sich mit aktuellen Fragestellungen diversitätsorientierter Organisationsentwicklung und geben Verantwortlichen konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen an die Hand.

Alle Beiträge der Schriftenreihe haben wir zum Projektabschluss in einem Sammelband zusammengefasst und durch eine Einleitung und Übersicht zu Anlaufstellen diversitätsorientierter Organisationsentwicklung ergänzt:

Impulse zu Vielfalt. Grundlagen und Handlungsfelder diskriminierungskritischer Organisationsentwicklung.

Latest works


LAGM*A NRW is an umbrella organization for social work focused on working with girls*.

The former website wasn’t responsive and didn’t use a CMS. One of the main wishes was to be able to update the content themselves. Verena’s Design Studio created the website with WordPress and helped restructure the content, so that they now have a beautiful and responsive new website.

Robin Wood

For a campaign that aims to create a shift to renewable energies in a way that is also sustainable Robin Wood needed a set of stickers to print and send to their supporters with a newsletter and to use for their campaign work online.

Verena’s Design Studio made the layout for print and two different formats to use online.

Cairo 52

Cairo 52 is a research institute working for LGBT rights in Cairo.

When I have the capacities, I make websites for great causes like this for free.

If you’re interested in a soli-website or know someone who might be, get in touch!

Psychotherapie Kunde

Judith Kunde is a therapist specialized in working with fire brigade, the police and the military.

For her practice Verena’s Design Studio created the corporate design, including a logo and the website, as well as templates for a letterhead and a notepad for appointments.

Verena’s Design Studio builds bespoke responsive websites, optimized for search engines, accessibility and sustainability. I design online presences that create positive change.

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