How do we want to live and work? How can we shape our futures, build connections, sustain ourselves, others and our earth?

I’m Verena, the founder of Verena’s Design Studio. I believe that we can build a better future if we all work together. How and why?

This is what I explore on my blog.

Exhibition: Drawings/Connections

Exhibition: Drawings/Connections

Exhibition: Drawings/ConnectionsJahr: 14.06.2019 – 7pm Auftraggeber_in: FrauenNachtCafé Ort: FrauenNachtCafé, Mareschstr. 14, 12055 Berlin Das FrauenNachtCafé ist offen für alle Frauen*, die sich in einer Krisen- oder Konfliktsituation befinden. Es bietet sich die...

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Illustartion: She’s Amazing

Illustartion: She’s Amazing

S_he’s Amazing!S_he’s Amazing usually organizes concerts here in Berlin, but they have also just put out their very first zine! I contributed with a digital drawing of my two favorite dogs. And as the topic of the zine is inexhaustible, there will be another issue!...

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Collage Story – Horses

Collage Story – Horses

Collage Story HorsesThere was a night where me and a couple of friends met in one of our houses and we all made collages and had some drinks. And a really lovely time. The collages I made somehow ended up becoming a bit of a story, about patriarchy, horses and drugs....

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What is Green Web Hosting?

In October we’ve looked into green web hosting at Verena’s Design Studio. It’s important to me to not just give you a list of recommendations, but also to explain things in a way that you can make an informed decision for yourself. So take a look and find out if it makes sense for you to switch to a green Webhosting provider!

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