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How do we want to live and work? How can we shape our futures, build connections, sustain ourselves, others and our earth?

I’m Verena, the founder of Verena’s Design Studio. I believe that we can build a better future if we all work together. How and why?

This is what I explore on my blog.

Broschüre Solidarität Macht Stark

Broschüre Solidarität Macht Stark

Brochure for GLADT  - Solidarität Macht StarkGLADT is an organization of black and PoC lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans*, Inter* and queers in Berlin. We are involved on different levels against racism, sexism, trans*- and homophobia, ableism, and other forms of...

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Timetable Prosanova

Timetable Prosanova

Timetable for Prosanova FestivalThe Prosanova festival takes place every three years in Hildesheim. Due to corona this was the first year it had to take place online. I did the layout for the website and timetables, the logo and background had already existed before....

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What is Green Web Hosting?

In October we’ve looked into green web hosting at Verena’s Design Studio. It’s important to me to not just give you a list of recommendations, but also to explain things in a way that you can make an informed decision for yourself. So take a look and find out if it makes sense for you to switch to a green Webhosting provider!

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