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Podcast Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom pt. I

Podcast – 28 people from around the world share their thoughts about freedom & Europe.


Photography allows you to see things through somebody else’s eye. Quickly photos become historical documentation – a glimpse of how  things were at a certain time. This is how I saw things.


Drawings, illustrations, exhibitions, publications.


In 2020 started writing regular blog posts for Verena’s Design Studio. Things I’ve learned over the years a web and media designer, tips & tricks for your website and a sustainable work/life.

Image Display Options

Photo by Markus Spiske on UnsplashHow to display images Images can easily add life to your website...

5 important things to remember when creating your about page

Foto von Jeffrey Czum / PexelsYour About Page is one of the most important pages of your website....

How to Design the perfect Start Page

Photo by Dale Brooks @ PexelsHow to design a Start Page that works If you have a website or blog,...


What’s in a new beginning? After graduating from High School I went to volunteer in Ukraine for a year. I had always had this urge to learn more about the world and to grow personally by experiencing myself in new surroundings. I had previously lived and attended

2 Insider Tips on How to Choose the Best Domain Name

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for your idea, is something that I’m sure every person wonders at some point in their life, at the latest when actually thinking about setting up a website 🙂

3 Strategies to Help You Define Your Core Values

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Are these natural colours?

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Oh, hey there!

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The Parable of the Corn Seeds

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Six Essentials for Every Successful Website

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I love writing too, usually I don’t find enough time. These are some text I published/that got published.

Talks & Workshops

Some talks & workshops I have given. If you’d like to book me – send me a message

Still Looking for Freedom?

Still looking for freedom? – an artistic workshop with Verena Spilker Thursday 14th of January...

Talk & Workshop: Queer Art?

EU-Russia Civil Society Forum/ Гражданский Форум ЕС-Россия:"1989-2019. Reflecting Europe. Am...

Talk at Bed Talks Berlin

BedTalks Berlin - The Free Thinking FestivalLast year I got invited to participate at BedTalks...

Talk at Tallinn Feminist Forum

Tallinn Feminist Forum - Tallinna feministlik foorumThis November I’ll be travelling to Tallinn...

Talk + Exhibition: Whose Museum Malmö

Talk & Workshop: Queer Art? Whose Museum Malmö, 2019I can’t quite remember how the first...

Talk: Queer Art?

Talk & Workshop: Queer Art? ArtGora Forum Riga, 2019At:  ArtGora Forum Riga ◼︎ 10.-12.04.2019...

Talk: Identity in Germany

Talk: Identity in Germany 18.04.2019 at New York University, BerlinA discussion/conversation under...

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Read or listen to some things that are important to me. There’s some video too. If you’d like to talk to me – get in touch

Lola Magazine: Local Hero

Lola Magazine: Local Hero Local Hero: Verena Spilker On Elevating Opportunities for Artists in...

Interview: Siegessäule

Interview: Siegessäule Stirn bieten“Ich habe mich erniedrigt und hilflos geführt”, erzählt die...


Interview: Verena Spilker und ihr Projekt TQU: Vor neun Jahren hat Verena ein...

Pelican Bomb: Queer Traces

Interview: Pelican Bomb Queer Traces: Transnational Queer Underground’s #TheGalleryProjectBen...

Sleek Magazine

Interview: SLEEK MAGAZINE The Paltform Showcasing Queer Art From All Over The World Transnational...

Interview: FELGBT

Interview: FELGTB We talk with Verena, the creator of Transnational Queer...

Podcast: German journalist talks about collecting Queer Art with NoStrings

Podcast: NoStrings German journalist talks about collecting Queer Art with NoStrings  Verena...

Podcast: Kunst verbindet - und das weltweit.Wir stellen euch heute NAchmittag das Projekt...

Vom Mainstream zum Underground – und zurück

Podcast: CouchFM Vom Mainstream zum Underground – und zurückQueere Musik ist kein neues Phänomen....

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Brand new: Course - Web Design for Change


WEB DESIGN FOR CHANGE is a course for anyone who would like to have more impact, lead a successful business, fight for a cause that matters or generally wants to actively contribute to making this world a better place.

Learn how to build Your Own Responsive and Scalable Website & underline it with the right branding and a corresponding Marketing Plan, all built in a Sustainable and Ethical way - so that you can run your business/non-profit consciously, joyfully, effectively and successfully and boost your confidence by acquiring new skills!

Whether you are just starting or have been in business for a while and want to upscale - with Web Design for Change you will get all the tools necessary to create a greater impact with your powerful new online presence.

Web Design For Change Course


Verena is a web & media designer, anthropologist & coach.

On the blog she shares some practical tips and inspirations that can make it easier to make this world a better place & to grow your business – one small change at a time.


Verena’s Design Studio – WORKS


Transnational queer underground

Transnational Queer Underground

I founded TQU in 2009, while I was living in Ukraine and preparing a talk on Queer Music to be held as part of the Gender Kritik lecture series at Leipzig University. It’s grown into an online platform full of great stories and art.

Verena’s Design Studio builds bespoke responsive websites, optimized for search engines, accessibility and sustainability. We design online presences that create positive change.

Ready to start your project?

1. Book a free appointment and find out what Verena’s Design Studio can do for you.

2. If you think we’re the right fit we start to develop a strategy together.

3. You have a new design/ website/ marketing strategy that is sustainable, beautiful and increases your impact.

Our capacities are limited. Please check for availabilities as soon as possible.

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