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Verena’s Design Studio

Web Design Courses

Build your own website

Do you enjoy learning new things? Have you been waiting to tackle a new project?

Learn from me how to build your own website with WordPress and the Divi Theme in ten weeks.

What you get:
+ Tutoring/10 individual classes
+ a responsive website incl.
– start page
– about page
– contact page
– blog page
– blog post layout
+ an understanding of how to work with fonts, colours, pictures
+ an understanding of the legal obligations as a website owner
+ an understanding of how wordpress works and how to keep your website safe
+ an understanding of how to integrate Social Media into your website
+ the ability to extend and modify your website as you wish
+ lifetime access to a forum to discuss with other students
+ lifetime access to all provided study materials
+ the wonderful feeling of having learned something new


What you need:
+ a computer and internet
+ a registered domain and a web hosting contract
+ an idea what your website should be about

What you don’t need:
+ to be afraid to start
+ knowledge about the internet and techologies, beyond knowing how to use a word document

I might be a bit nerdy, but I really love what I do and I also love to share my knowledge with other people.

Tutoring you directly – I can pick you up exactly where you are. Whether you already started working on your own website and got stuck, or would like to start a website or blog and don’t really know how – we will go at your speed and according to your interests and needs.

I only have limited spots available and sign up for this course closes in December, so if you’re interested, best sign up now. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Are you ready to turn things around? Do you want to end this year knowing you’ve made a great investment into your future?

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