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Verena’s Design Studio

Website Design

Everyone needs a website.

If we invest in a well designed, accessible, sustainable and tailor-made website, our businesses will look different and people will be able to tell difference. How we represent our businesses online matters more and more. Do you google your doctor before you make an appointment? Do you take look at the websites of other businesses, that you hear something interesting about?

We want to make a good first impression.

What makes our businesses stand out? Our logos, the images which show our work/cause and the text we use to describe it. But how do we convey a feeling that shows what you stand for?

Do we work sustainably? Do we have any super powers? Our visitors should know right away.

And then we want a clear structure, a user experience that wakes the interest of our visitors, makes them engage with our sites and remember us whenever they need our services.

We can make that happen.

But style is not everything. There are also a couple of hidden or invisible things that are equally important if we want be able to reach our audience:

A strong and sustainable foundation for our websites: A reliable and green web hosting provider, so our websites have a good home.

A quick announcement? Changing you opening times? A new blog post? With WordPress we get a stable, fast and user-friendly CMS, so that we can blog and change content independently.

Building a responsive website makes sure our websites looks good and are easy to navigate on any device.

Optimizing our website for SEO is essential, I know all the tricks to make it happen and can show you how you can easily optimize your blog posts as well.

Making our websites accessible is important – if we work for inclusion, our websites should do the same.

What’s the best way to integrate Social Media in our websites? How can we do it while not breaking GDPR regulations?

And then there are extensions for shops, multi-language sites, calendars and security as well. What is it that YOU need?

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