Are these natural colours?

As an openly queer woman, who might not always immediately be perceived as one, I’ve heard a lot of things that straight people have to say about us. One of the most common things is probably: it’s not natural!

A statement I usually find quite funny, because actually, if it weren’t natural, it wouldn’t exist. Anything that exists in one form or another comes from something natural. It might be modified, or it might not be what the majority of people do, say or think, but it’s still part of nature.

With colours, I often get a similar feeling. When people are talking about natural colours or nature tones, it often seems like they refer to greens or earthy tones. Somehow we came to think of bright, neon or very intense colours as unnatural, yet nature offers it all. 🦩 🦚 ❤️ 

What is your favourite colour?

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Verena is a web & media designer, anthropologist & coach.

On the blog she shares some practical tips and inspirations that can make it easier to make this world a better place & to grow your business – one small change at a time.


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