The Best Green Web Hosting Services 2021

Who are the 5 best green web hosts? Let’s find out!

If you have read my posts about web hosting, and why it might be a great idea for you to choose or switch to a green web host, this will help to make the best choice.

I’ve looked at all providers I could find and compared prices and services so that you don’t have to do that research. And I’m very happy to see that more and more of my clients care about this too.

I’ll introduce my five favourites and tell you what I think makes them so great and mention a couple more, all with a recommended package for you (learn why I recommend these packages).

(Disclaimer: This information has been updated in April 2021. All the data published here might be subject to change by the provider)

The 5 best green web hosting providers

These are the 5 best green web hosting providers around. They have the best prices and offer a great service and quality.

Actually I think all the 11 web hosts I marked with a star on the shortlist are great. But these five green web hosting providers truely have a best offer for everyone. And they all work sustainably and ethically.

Here’s why some of the 11 didn’t make it to this list: For Tiger Technologies and Green WebHost we couldn’t find any information about their GDPR compliance, so I won’t recommend using them if you want to work with European visitors. DreamHost only uses servers in the US, so if you’re located in Europe they might not be the best choice for you, very much recommended for North and probably South America though. Hetzner, Freethought and EcoWebhosting only have servers in Europe, so they might not be the best choice if you are located in other parts of the world, though I think they can still be a great choice when you are from neighbouring regions, e.g. North Africa, Central Asia,… with less stable systems in place.

Why do we want a green web hosting provider? Because the connections we make matter. And whether it’s business, politics or play – we build our websites around something that matters to us greatly. That’s why I think it’s worth building your website and business on a foundaition that you trust and believe in and that mirrors your own values.

I also highly recommend to not get the biggest web package when you first start. Get the package you need now and upgrade when it reaches capacity. All the options below allow you to upgrade easily. This way you can focus on creating a website with potential to grow, first. If you need help with that, I’m here for you.

So let’s take a look at what these 5 green web hosting companies offer, that makes them so special.

1. SiteGround

SiteGround – Crafted for Easy Website Management

🌿 What they say: “Our partner matches 100% the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality. Google has been a leader in energy efficiency with their achievements in reducing the compute emissions by improving higher efficiency of data serving and storage and diverting waste.” ⭐️ Nice team mostly from Bulgaria and Spain, personal yet super professional. These people believe in what they do and offer great service and technology for an affordable price. An added-plus is their care and offers for their employees.
Verena’s Design Studio:

SiteGround is the only green web hosting provider with a server in Australia and next to A2 the only other one with a server in Asia. They truly think globally and do that while offering great support for employees and protecting the environment.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 5.99/mo. from € 80.00/mo. from € 5.99/mo.

Suggested Package:
Managed WordPress Hosting – GrowBig from € 9.99
→ 🦚 Siteground

GDPR compliance ✔︎
Free SSL ✔︎
Free Domain
Web Space 20 GB (SSD)
Traffic unlimited
Physical Memory n/a
Free CDN ✔︎
DNS n/a
Uptime commitment 99,9%
Security ✔︎
Server Locations USA-IOWA, UK-London, EU-Eemshaven, EU-Frankfurt, Asia-Singapore, AU-Sydney
Free Migration ✔︎ (automated)
Visitors 25,000/m


2. Green Geeks

GreenGeeks – One Platform. Multiple Hosting Options.

🌿 What they say: “Our hosting platform has been designed with a maximum use, no waste of resources mindset. Every aspect of our hosting platform is built to be as energy efficient as possible. In addition to this, for every amperage we pull from the grid, we match 3 times that in the form of renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation.”

⭐️ Great Service, great packages, great reviews and servers in North America and Europe.

Verena’s Design Studio:

GreenGeeks provide green web hosting, and they do that with an offer that includes everything you need and more. In their premium package you even get a free dedicated IP, something you have to pay extra for with most other providers.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from $ 2.49/mo. from $ 2.49/mo.

Suggested Package:
WordPress Pro from $ 15.95 per month
→ 🦚 GreenGeeks

GDPR compliance ✔︎
Free SSL ✔︎
Free Domain 1 (first year)
Web Space unlimited (SSD)
Traffic unlimited
Physical Memory 2GB
Free CDN ✔︎
DNS n/a
Uptime commitment n/a
Security ✔︎
Server Locations US-Chicago, US-Phoenix, CA-Montreal, Europe-Amsterdam
Free Migration ✔︎
Visitors n/a

3. Kualo

Kualo – Passionate about website for over 15 years

🌿 What they say: “As ephemeral as it all seems, it’s easy to forget the real-world mechanics that go into keeping the Internet running. The equipment and servers behind the scenes make the internet a filthy, carbon emitting monster. With Kualo, you can rest assured that your slice of the net will be 100% powered by renewable energy.”
Verena’s Design Studio:

This is your best choice if you are a registered Charity in the UK or the US, since they offer you the use of their servers for free. Everyone else get’s a great deal with the WordPress Performance package.

⭐️ They offer free web hosting for Charities in the UK and US. You can see that they believe in what they do and they offer many different services at a great price.
Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from £ 4.99/mo. from £ 24.99/mo. from £ 4.99/mo.


Suggested Startup:
WordPress Performance starts at £ 4.99 for the first month and then £ 8.99. (US prices $ 6.99 and then $ 11.99 )
→ 🦚 Kualo

GDPR compliance ✔︎
Free SSL ✔︎
Free Domain 1(first year)
Web Space 30 GB (SSD)
Traffic unlimited
Physical Memory 1 GB
Free CDN ✔︎
DNS n.a.
Uptime commitment 99,9%
Security ✔︎
Server Locations Centro, Hemel Hempstead – UK, Park Tower, Tampa – USA
Free Migration ✔︎
Page Loads ~800k/m


4. S4 Hosting

S4 Hosting S4 is Sustainable, Speedy, Secure and Stable.

🌿 What they say: “The internet is a carbon monster, with a higher energy footprint than the air travel industry, but it doesn’t have to be that way… From 100% Renewable energy, optimized servers, and smart partnerships to planting a forest.”

⭐️ Overall feel. You can see that this is run by people who believe in what they do. Small team that is working to provide the best WordPress hosting in a sustainable way, using open source software and carefully choosing their partners and components. Good and affordable options for upgrades as well.

Verena’s Design Studio:

This small company has a clear structured website that focuses on what you really need, they are very transparent about everything they do and they generally just seem like wonderful people offering good quality and service in order to change the world for the better. Their server is located in Finland, but they team up with Upcloud, a cloud service with with servers in Europe, the US and Singapore, so you can actually reach people everywhere.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 10.00/mo. from € 10.00/mo.

Suggested package:
Starter from € 10,00
S4 Hosting

GDPR compliance ✔︎
Free SSL ✔︎
Free Domain
Web Space n/a
Traffic up to 50.000 visits per month
Physical Memory n/a
Free CDN ✔︎
DNS ︎Anycast DNS
Uptime commitment 99,65%
Security ✔︎
Server Locations EU-Helsinki
Free Migration ✔︎
Visitors up to 50.000

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting – our speed, your success

🌿 What they say: “Since our launch back in 2003, A2 Hosting has been headquartered in Ann Arbor (AKA “Tree Town“). Take a walk around town and you’re bound to come across one of Ann Arbor’s 50,000 trees or 150 parks. This is just one of the reasons we feel it’s our duty to contribute to the fight against global warming. The goal of our FutureServe Green Hosting company initiative is to protect our environment for our future generations.”

⭐️ Cheap prices, great packages and good customer reviews. Convincing when it comes to their ecological approach, too. The only bigger provider that seems to hold up, when it comes to actually living up their promises.

Verena’s Design Studio:

The package from A2 that I recommend is their Turbo Boost package. It includes unlimited websites, storage, transfers and basically all you can wish for.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 2.57/mo. from € 10.30/mo. from € 2.57/mo.

Suggested package:
Shared WordPress – Turbo Boost from € 5.99 (if you pay in advance for a three year plan, otherwise 14.99 p.m.)
A2 Hosting

GDPR compliance ✔︎
Free SSL ✔︎
Free Domain 1
Web Space unlimited (SSD)
Traffic unlimited
Physical Memory 2 GB
Free CDN ✔︎
DNS Anycast DNS
Uptime commitment 99,9%
Security ✔︎
Server Locations USA-Michigan, USA-Arizona, Europe-Amsterdam, Asia-Singapore
Free Migration ✔︎
Visitors n/a

As I said above, the 5 ones I selected as the best ones are truly great. But so are these 7 green web hosting providers. So just go with what feels best for you. And if you need any help or would like to talk about it in person. Get in touch!

DreamHost – Web Hosting with Purpose

🌿 What they say: “We’re making a conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment with optimized facilities and policies that put respect for natural resources at the core of what we do.”

⭐️ Cheap start options for web hosting and fairly priced upgrade options. Ethical, green and reliable and overall very convincing.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from $ 2.59/mo. from $ 2.59/mo.

Suggested Package: WordPress Unlimited → 🦚 Dreamhost

Eco Web Hosting – Clean, fast, eco-friendly web hosting made by humans

🌿 What they say: “Eco Web Hosting believes that it is vital that web hosting companies have a minimal impact on the environment. As part of this, we regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure we’re reducing our environmental impact and working in the greenest way possible.”

⭐️ They believe in what they do, seem to have a nice team and working conditions and offer very fair prices.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from £ 3.49/mo. from £ 5.99/mo.

Suggested Package: Business from £ 9.99 → Eco Web Hosting

freethought – Friendly, dependable, ethical.

🌿 What they say: “There is no planet B (Unless Elon Musk gets his way) and so we need to look after planet Earth, one of the most important things we need to do is not just reduce but reverse carbon emissions in our atmosphere to pre-industrial levels.”

⭐️ Through and through ethical and ecological business. Great prices too.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from £ 3.00/mo. from £ 3.00/mo.

Suggested Package: Silver from £ 6.00 → freethought

Greenhost – Sustainable infrastructure, professional support, fast & redundant platform

🌿 What they say: “Green and sustainable web hosting, from small, simple websites to complex setups with multiple VPSes, is the foundation of Greenhost. We have been front runners in this field for over fifteen years, and we still strive towards maximal sustainability in every step of our production process. This goes just as much for the small choices, like which coffee or furniture to use as for the big contributions, like which hardware or energy supplier to select.”

⭐️/🦉 Located in the Netherlands they run their servers with 100% renewable Energy. Dedicated to what they do, though information seems hard to find and I have the suspicion you might have to move somewhere else if you outgrow their biggest shared package.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 4.25/mo.

Green WebHost – environmentally guided hosting

🌿 What they say: “Since 2003 we have been taking responsiblity for our effects on the environment and society. We travel to our solar powered offices on public transport and we plant trees to assist the offset of our CO2 emissions by “sequestration” or “Carbon Fix”.
We offer Carbon offset, Solar Powered and Hydro Geothermal Powered Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated / Hybrid and VPS server options.”

⭐️ The only non-profit in this list. They work for what they believe in and offer well priced packages.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from £ 5.79/mo. from £ 7.45/mo.

Suggested package: Pre Installed WordPress from £ 7.45 → Green WebHost

tiger technologies – Affordable, reliable 100% green Web hosting with no setup fees and a free domain name.

🌿 What they say: “We’re committed to running our company in an environmentally friendly manner. We support renewable energy projects to make our company carbon neutral.”

⭐️ Even their basic plan offers free mailing lists, that’s something I’ve not seen anywhere else. Their website is down to the basics and their sustainability plan seems to be something they believe in and not just a sales point.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from $ 9.95

Suggested Package: Basic Hosting from $9.95 → tiger technologies

Hetzner professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator.

🌿 What they say: “Taking responsibility for the environment means there is an increasing need to obtain energy from renewable sources. Hetzner Online uses energy from renewable sources to power the servers in its data centers.”

⭐️ Reliable service and offers for all scale businesses. Special focus on data protection and privacy. Believable environmental and employee care.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 1.85/mo. from € 7.99/mo.

Suggested Package: Level 4 from € 4.78 → Hetzner

To present a fully rounded picture here are a couple more that, while also using green energy I wouldn’t recommend for the reasons stated below.

If you consider switching or signing up to one of these providers and need some help, or would like some help with your website in general, SEO, branding or marketing – let me know, I’m here for you.

greneIT – We specialise in IT & we love our environment!

🌿 What they say: “I was working to live, supporting my wife in raising our children but with no time to ‘smell the roses’ and so we decided to reassess how we could combine our priorities of family, work-life balance and caring for the environment. This led to me found Grene IT (grene is is Old English version of green) a business that capitalises on my expertise and experience, but does so in a green and environmentally sound way.”

🦉 Wonderful approach, but prices not competitive.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from £ 25.55/mo.

HostGator – Web hosting made easy & affordable!

🌿 What they say: “HostGator switched to wind power in 2008 with the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits equal to 130% of the power needed to run and cool our shared and reseller servers. The move allowed us to reduce our carbon emissions and provide green hosting services to more than 1.3 million customers without raising rates.”

🦉 Offer seems good, but hidden costs and bad customer reviews.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from $ 10.95 from $ 14.95

HostPapa – smart web solutions for your small business

🌿 What they say: “We take pride in being able to say that HostPapa was one of the first web hosting companies to make a public commitment to going green. We promote the development and use of wind and solar energy resources by purchasing green energy certificates to offset all the power we use in our data centres and offices. By putting equivalent clean energy back into the grid, we effectively reduce our carbon footprint and support renewable energy initiatives.”

🦉 Pretty bad customer reviews. And even their own page loads quite slowly.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 7.99/mo. from € 7.99/mo.

inmotion hosting – We make sure your website is fast, secure, and always online with Live 24/7 Support.

🌿 What they say: “As one of the nation’s fastest growing web hosting providers, we believe in the importance of letting our clients understand our commitment to eco-friendly policies. Since 2010, we have made a concentrated effort to improve our carbon footprint in our data centers. Similarly, we have made efforts in our offices to reduce waste, increase recycling and stop the use of paper products whenever possible.”

🦉 Fairly-priced package offers, but trustpilot suggest that the customer support is not up to standard.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 9.99/mo. from € 29.99/mo. from € 8.99/mo.

iPage – Get a hosting plan that works.

🌿 What they say: “There are several ways that website hosting providers go green. One of the most common and effective methods is by buying Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). This is the method that iPage uses to make its services green. It allows hosting providers to offset the electricity that they use with electricity created from a renewable source. In the case of iPage, that source is wind. iPage purchases enough RECs to cover double the energy that it uses. As a result, customers who host their website with iPage can display a badge certifying their site as eco-friendly.”

🦉 No offer really stands out.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from € 8.35/mo. from € 7.49/mo.

123reg – Everything you need to start your online journey

🌿 What they say: “Our eco-friendly green data centres are powered by the latest low-energy systems to minimise our carbon footprint. Our secure data centre helps to protect the environment while simultaneously saving our customers money.”

🦉 No offer really stands out.

Shared Hosting Cloud Hosting WordPress Hosting
from £ 5.99/mo. from £ 14.99/mo.

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