5 excellent Recycling Websites

What do Recycling Websites have to offer?

While it was relatively easy to find great projects that work on reducing the e-waste problem – it was much harder to find nice websites that deal with the topic. The websites I looked at are therefore about recycling in general, not just e-waste recycling.

If you know great websites about recycling – please post in the comments, if you know companies or initiatives that work on recycling that need a great new website – put them in touch with me.

Also, if you haven’t done so already take a look at the post “Recycling e-Waste – What We Can Do to Help” to find out more about e-Waste and the problems and possible solutions around the topic.

And now let’s take a look at what these websites have to offer:


About:Pentatonic is a design and technology company that operates in what is known as the circular economy. That means we design and create beautiful consumer products and goods that enable a more sustainable, responsible way of daily life.”

Verena’s Design Studio: They are a design company and clearly know their game. The website looks stunning and is a joy to explore. Really. They recycle, redesign and reinvent. All that looking extremely sleek.

Zero Waste Europe

About: “At Zero Waste Europe, we are leading a fast-growing movement of communities, local leaders, businesses, experts, influencers and other “change agents” working towards the same vision: eliminating waste in our society.”

Verena’s Design Studio: While maybe occasionally a bit slow to load this website is full of useful information. It manages, despite the huge amount of content they provide, to keep up the overall corporate design – something a lot of organizations struggle with. The website is well-structured, easy to navigate and clear in what you can do but also playful in the way that the headlines appear for example. Go check it out!

ME, You, Plovdiv

About:Me, You, Plovdiv was an initiative that aimed to create partnerships between citizens and institutions to work together to reduce and utilize waste from events and to refine residential areas in the city. The platform was part of the programme of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. – Our task was to create a visual identity that informs and involves people in the possibilities of recycling and the alternative ways of living with less waste. We created online as well as offline communication materials. The connecting element between them was the human hand – collecting, cleaning or recycling.​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​” – More about the project on Behance

Verena’s Design Studio: As someone who was in Plovdiv a while ago and fell in love with this beautiful city, and it’s young, innovative vibe in between old walls – this made me very happy. A great & easy to navigate website with sweet and useful illustrations – that make a topic that is often not seen as very attractive into something that seems fun and cool. Great job!


About: Bye bye plastic! – Let’s make the world a little cleaner. Overall everdrop uses 93% less plastic because you buy a tab instead of a bottle and 77% less CO2 because no water needs to be transported. All packaging is free of plastic foils, aluminium, fluorocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and optical brighteners, and you can get cleaning agent tabs and laundry detergent.

Verena’s Design Studio: Nice looking well-structured website. I quite like their choice of colours. The website explains the product and what is special about it, and you can shop right on the website. Have you tried their products yet?


About: “At Grunber we have found that nearly everything we touch can be recycled and collected typically non-recyclable items through national, first-of-their-kind recycling platforms. Leading companies work with us to take hard-to-recycle materials from our programs, such as Cans, Bottles, Cardboard, Plastic, Styrofoam, used cooking oil, glass and turn them into new products. With your help, we’ve diverted millions of pounds of valuable resources from landfills over the world, and we’re just getting started.”

Verena’s Design Studio: While this website is far from being overwhelming, it has a clear structure, a design the represents the business and that gives you an easy way to get in touch with them and to understand how they work. And that’s a lot more than most recycling websites provide!

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