Six Essentials for Every Successful Website

Do you have a website?
Would you like to have a website?
Have you been working on your website?

I’m sure it’s one of these three 🙂 And if not, it might be just the right time to start thinking about your website.

To build a website, especially one that also supports our work and gets us what we want – takes time, consideration & experience or a lot of trial and error – if you have already worked on your website yourself, you might know what I’m talking about.

From the initial idea to the set-up, over content-creation, design, and getting the word out about your new website – I’ve done it all, and I know where the pitfalls are.

So in order to make your life easier and to support you to get your business and website exactly where you want them to be, I’ve developed a checklist.

I believe that everyone should be able to have a beautiful, accessible and user-friendly website – that is set up for success – especially those who are working to make this world a better place.

Which is why you can be one of the very first people to download the checklist today for free!

Everything You Need to Build a Successful Website in 2021

Get your easy-to-follow 6-step PDF-guide by joining the Web Design for Change community.

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Web Design for Change - The Course

A Step-By-Step Course to take you from your Idea to Building Your Brand, Your Responsive and Scalable Website and Creating a Bespoke Marketing Plan – in a Sustainable and Ethical way.

Weekly video lessons and tasks, so you can achieve one goal at a time. Weekly live sessions and Q&As and a private discussion forum to answer all your questions and try out their ideas before presenting them to the world.

Imagine what it will be like if you never have to ask a web designer, SEO specialist or marketing expert again, because you are confident in what you're doing and get the results you want. Sounds fantastic, right?

Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some experience - with this 21-week course your website will be up and running, attracting traffic and give your idea the opportunity to grow - on your own terms.

Are you ready to change the world with WEB DESIGN FOR CHANGE?

Course starts in:








The 21-week course starts June 7th, 2021.
Limited spots available.


Verena is a web & media designer, anthropologist & coach.

On the blog she shares some practical tips and inspirations that can make it easier to make this world a better place & to grow your business – one small change at a time.


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