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What is web hosting?

While I highly recommend choosing a Green Web Hosting Provider, because they are as reliable, fast...

What do Cookies do on my Website?

We’ve seen cookie banners pop-up on websites we visit, you’ve had to put in your preferences for this website, and you will have to deal with…

Six Essentials for Every Successful Website

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2 Insider Tips on How to Choose the Best Domain Name

How to Choose the Best Domain Name for your idea, is something that I’m sure every person wonders at some point in their life, at the latest when actually thinking about setting up a website 🙂


Verena is a web & media designer, anthropologist & coach.

On the blog she shares some practical tips and inspirations that can make it easier to make this world a better place & to grow your business – one small change at a time.


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Verena’s Design Studio builds bespoke responsive websites, optimized for search engines, accessibility and sustainability. We design online presences that create positive change.

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